About Us

Behind ‘The Paediatric Nurse’ are two very passionate registered nurses – Brooke Batchelor and Erica Donovan– who envisage a community of paediatric nurses supporting one another, leading one another with kindness and authenticity towards providing the very best paediatric nursing care possible. We advocate for you and our patients to ensure that you can be the best nurse you can be and so that your patients get the best nurses they can get.

Our Vision

We help Australian paediatric nurses in any stage of their career feel supported and heard. Through tools and expert resources that are easily accessible, and a welcoming and positive online community who share their vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Our mission is to change paediatric nursing for the better, through supporting nurses to grow as leaders in their workplaces and have a better work/life balance.

Our Values

Through our community we feel a sense of belonging and support that empowers us to be the best nurse we can be.

We interact and practice with authenticity, acknowledging that we are human while sharing our vulnerabilities.

We source leaders(hip) from all over the world to share their knowledge and skills as well as to help us build up our paediatric nursing leaders of tomorrow.

Our community members contribute to a supportive and positive place by interacting with kindness towards ourselves and each other always.

We are paediatric nurses with a passion for growing our profession, building one another up and caring for our patients.

We advocate for ourselves, our colleagues and our patients’ care and well-being always because we know that by supporting one another, we all benefit.


Join and make a difference with us