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Allergies & Anaphylaxis in Babies and Children

Allergies are currently on the rise in many countries but correct education, assessment and treatment can decrease healthcare costs as well as decreasing the distress to children and families. Families need to be empowered with knowledge about their child’s allergy and as nurses we are well placed to offer this education.

Course Overview

In this webinar, Briony Tyquin will cover all the basics and discuss how we can help protect children in our care with allergies.

What are Allergies and Anaphylaxis? How are they diagnosed and what do you do if a child presents to your care with life-threatening allergies? How do we manage this in a hospital/ clinic environment to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction?

Have you ever cared for a child who has experienced allergies and anaphylaxis? Did you feel confident that you understood how to keep them safe in the hospital environment as well as offer information to the family that was useful for them?

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of IgE mediated allergic reactions.
  • Acquire knowledge about the signs and symptoms of an IgE medicated allergic reaction.
  • Receive information regarding how to minimise the risk for the child at risk of anaphylaxis.
  • Gain an awareness of the utilisation of an ASCIA action plan for the treatment of an allergic reaction/anaphylaxis

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1 hour

Nov 2018

Nov 2018

Nov 2020

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Briony Tyquin

Clinical Nurse Consultant, Allergy & Anaphylaxis Education


“I have been a paediatric nurse for 23 years. In that time I have worked at both the children’s hospitals in Sydney. I have never worked with adults!

I have a Masters in Nursing, a graduate certificate in allergy nursing and a graduate cert in paediatric nursing, I have been an author of 7 publications. In 2017 I was an author in an article published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI)- the peak Allergy journal in the world. Now, I hope to commence my masters in Nursing- nurse practitioner in 2019.

I sort of fell into allergy nursing.I have a daughter who has food allergies and was asked because of my experience being a mum- to apply for a job as an allergy educator going into schools to provide education. This was over 12 yrs ago, this original role has lead to me becoming a clinical Nurse consultant in Allergy and Anaphylaxis Education and the co-manager of the NSW Anaphylaxis Education Program. The program provides education and support around allergies and anaphylaxis to schools, preschools, children’s services, families, the community and health professionals across NSW.I have a particular interest in adolescents with food allergies. I am passionate that children and adolescents don’t miss out on anything due to their allergies.I would like to become a nurse practitioner so that I can provide care for children and adolescents across NSW with allergies especially those who have trouble accessing a specialist.”