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Grief & Loss in Childhood

Death is a part of life. Unfortunately, many modern cultures have difficulty with end-of-life, grief and bereavement, and even greater difficulty when children are involved, either as a member of a grieving family or as a child hospice patient.

Course Overview

A baseline of knowledge as to typical age grief behaviours, vocabulary, including play and a means of including the child in the death process are presented in this webinar and discussion.

Learn through case studies, the importance of keeping an open dialogue with children experiencing grief.

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Identify developmental age and understanding of death
  • Recognize developmentally related vocabulary for death
  • Describe play techniques to process death
  • Define approaches to include children in the death process

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Nov 2018

Nov 2018

Jan 2021

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Collen Cherry

Child Life Specialist, Children's Death Educator & Grief Counselor


Colleen Cherry grew up in Buffalo New York where she attended college and worked at Buffalo Children’s Hospital as a Child Life Assistant during school and Child Life Specialist after graduation. Colleen moved to California and worked in an adult daily living skills facility for adults with moderate to severe intellectual developmental delays.

“I took a long ‘break’ to raise my three daughters who each had significant health issues. Once they were off to college, I returned to school receiving my Masters in Science CL, Certification Child Life Specialist and Certification in Thanatology, death education, and counseling. I began my Child Life private practice in 2013 and have enjoyed its growth and diversity of clients.” Colleen provides psychosocial care for children 2-24 years experiencing illness/palliative care, medical procedures, sibling support, end-of-life, divorce, loss, grief, and bereavement.