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Paediatric Medication Calculations Made Easy

Often, paediatric medications can be complex and full of a number of calculations just for one medication and, with special legislative requirements nurses a review of the standard processes is paramount.

Course Overview

In this session, Brooke will begin with the basics of medication calculations before moving onto the more complex paediatric medications involving dose calculations using weight, syrup-based medications and IV medication calculations. You will be able to work on some examples and practice questions as you go too so be prepared for an interactive session and a chance to perfect your math skills.

Towards the end, you will have the opportunity to work through a case study and bring all of what you have learned into a practical application of paediatric medication calculations.

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Revise basic medication calculations;
  • Develop confidence with calculating a paediatric medication dose based on the child’s weight;
  • Learn how to calculate syrup-based medications with ease; and,
  • Explore how to prepare paediatric IV medications confidently

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Dec 2018

Dec 2018

Feb 2021

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Brooke Batchelor Founder and Co Director The Paediatric Nurse

Brooke Batchelor

Paediatric Registered Nurse & Nurse Educator


Brooke is the Founding Director The Paediatric Nurse in addition to being a Registered Nurse, qualified Primary Teacher, children’s advocate and author. Brooke founded ‘The Paediatric Nurse’ website in 2015 before developing it into an online continuing professional development website for Paediatric Nurses in August 2018.

She is passionate about giving children a voice in healthcare and works tirelessly towards encouraging others to further develop their child and family-centred care approaches.

Brooke joined the Advisory Board for the Standish Foundation in 2018 – a charitable organisation that promotes child & family centred care and empowers healthcare professionals through the provision of funding & resources- and has had the pleasure of joining them on a medical mission to Cambodia.

Previously, Brooke also sat on the Board of Directors for the Association for the Well-being of Children in Healthcare, Australia and held the Vice President position in 2017.

Brooke is eager to transform the paediatric healthcare experience through improving access to quality CPD for paediatric nurses and by empowering parents accessing paediatric healthcare for their children. While continuing with The Paediatric Nurse, she will continue with her Masters degree in 2020.