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Paediatric Sepsis

This video learning activity includes information that will help paediatric & child health nurses to refresh current knowledge and to increase their understanding of the current recommendations for the nursing management of paediatric sepsis.

Course Overview

Sepsis is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in children in Australia. The child with sepsis relies on early recognition and treatment for survival.

The management of sepsis is complex and requires a sound knowledge of the clinical guidelines underpinning the nursing management to ensure that treatment is commenced without delay.

Learning Outcomes

In this video lesson, you will:

  • Define paediatric sepsis
  • Outline assessment and early recognition of paediatric sepsis
  • Describe what would be required for advanced airway support of the infant and child
  • Review the QLD statewide guidelines for paediatric sepsis

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Oct 2019

Oct 2019

Dec 2021

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Lisa Lucas

Emergency Nurse Educator


Lisa Lucas is the Paediatric Nurse Educator at a large metropolitan Emergency department.

She has 13 years of Emergency Nursing experience working with children.

Lisa has a Masters in Emergency Nursing and has presented at international conferences on emergency nursing around the world. She is passionate about paediatric health care and nursing education.

Lisa is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children, Nate, Abby & Zac.