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Refugee Health

With Australia increasing the number of refugees being accepted, there is a high chance that paediatric healthcare professionals will come into contact with refugee children and their families. As healthcare professionals we have a duty of care to provide culturally safe care to our patients and their families.

Course Overview

Refugee children and their families have as many unique healthcare needs as they are diverse. Providing healthcare to these families can have its own set of challenges that healthcare providers need to be aware of and be able to respond to promptly.

This session is an introduction to working with children of refugee background and their families giving you a better understanding of the challenges faced by families resettling into a new country.

Learning Outcomes

In this video learning activity, you will:

  • Gain an awareness of the interaction between culture and health
  • Gain an understanding of the differences between refugees and asylum seekers and identify why this distinction is important in the healthcare context.
  • Gain an understanding of how the refugee journey impacts on child health both pre and post-settlement
  • Acquire knowledge regarding working with interpreters

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Nov 2019

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Meryl Jones

Nurse Unit Manager


Meryl has developed education programs for paediatric emergency nurses on immunisation, written a best practice guideline for immunising people of refugee background and vaccinated far too many babies, children and adults to count.

She currently works as a refugee health nurse in Brisbane and still finds time to participate in the yearly flu vaccine campaign.

Course Content