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Shift Work Nutrition Fundamentals

Healthcare is a 24/7 industry that often requires staff to work outside the normal 9-5 schedule. Shift work, especially night shift can have unwanted effects on the body. These can include alterations in our normal sleep-wake cycle and metabolism, to availability of food or fatigue causing us to make unhealthy food choices.

Course Overview

This webinar includes information on nutrition, that is tailored specifically for shift workers.  It addresses key areas including how to obtain better sleep, and why eating in accordance with our daily circadian rhythms, is important for weight regulation and optimizing gut health.  Understanding these basic shift work nutrition fundamentals can be an important step in helping to mitigate some of the poor health outcomes many shift workers face today.

Burnout is a real concern within healthcare, and caring for ourselves allows us to give the best care to patients.

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of how to promote better sleep, through better nutrition
  • Learn the importance of FOOD TIMING – why when we eat is just as important as what we’re eating
  • Explore strategies to help alleviate ‘night shift nausea’
  • Acquire knowledge on how to improve gut health for shift workers

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Audra Starkey

Clinical Nutritionist


Audra Starkey is a Clinical Nutritionist, Accredited Trainer, Shift Work Veteran and founder of The Healthy Shift Worker podcast that receives over 2000+ listener downloads each month from around the world.  She is also the author of – a website dedicated to helping those who may be struggling to stay healthy whilst working 24/7.

After accepting a voluntary redundancy from Qantas in 2014, Audra went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Science degree majoring in Nutritional Medicine with the sole purpose of giving back to her profession upon graduation.

With a special interest in preventative health, she went on to found The Healthy Shift Worker, a company that provides shift work specific wellness services to individuals, along with corporate wellness programs via her signature Healthy Shift Worker Wellness Seminars.