Supporting Parents

Parents are an integral and essential component in paediatric nursing.

Fostering healthy and effective relationships between the parent and healthcare professionals can prevent tension and improve relationships.

Course Overview

Quickly forming a partnership with parents is often identified as one of the top 5 skills a paediatric nurse must have.

In this webinar you will explore the different approaches to working with parents, supporting them through the stress of having a sick child and creating a partnership with them.

Learning Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Learn strategies to set yourself up for a successful & collaborative parent-nurse relationship
  • Gain an understanding of the struggles parents face in hospital, and how this may contribute to tension and miscommunication
  • Learn how to educate and empathise with parents in order to involve and empower them in the delivery of care to their child
  • Receive information on communications differences between patient and parent and how to integrate the two

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1 hour

Dec 2020

Dec 2020

Jan 2023

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