Looking for a new job as a Nurse

Are you looking for a new job? There are many many reasons why someone would want to do this. Maybe it is time for a change, your job doesn’t fit with our lifestyle anymore, the culture of your work might not be the best, or you just want to explore and grow. 

So, you think about applying, and you go to your computer or pick up the paper and start looking for jobs. At least where I live, there’s a dozen or so new jobs advertised every week. Globally there’s also a shortage of nurses, but you’ve also got to consider if you’re willing to take just any job, or whether you have some requirements that the job must meet.  

Before rushing out and applying for a job try asking yourself some questions (these are mine, but you can customize them your own life). 

Does this job align with my values?

Your values are yours alone, some people want a job that will allow them to have weekends off to spend with their children, some people want to work with an underserved community, others might want to work a hospital where the union is supported by management. 

For me, I want to work at a place with good team culture, with some flexibility that will allow me to do my Paediatric Nurse work, and my things with the union.

How will this job help get me to my ultimate goals?

For me, I want to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner, but not all workplaces support that. And to train as an NP in New Zealand you have to have a role sorted out, and confirmation that management supports you. For other people, it might mean taking on a role that you support new grads at the hospital, which will get you closer to working as a Nurse Educator. It’s such a cliché thing, but where do you want to be in five or ten years? (And if you say, in my mansion, sipping champagne and never having to work again, are you either willing to work your butt off, or are you thinking you’ll just keep picking up a Lotto ticket every week?). 

Does this role allow me to grow? What growth opportunities are there?

Is this a role that will allow me to make it my own, and grow, or will I be stuck, not being able to get any assistance, mentorship or really make the role my own. Some people love being able to set up systems in a role that is brand-new, but sometimes it’s also nice to learn from the last person who did the job and where the policies and procedures are all sorted. Neither of those things is wrong, it’s just personal preference.

Then comes the interview, but that’s a whole another post!

If you are looking for a new job, we’ve got answers! For more career information check out our webinar with Em Pescott from Promotable You. She also has a Facebook page and group you can become a part of we’d recommend you had a look at if you’re looking for a new job.