COVID-19: Supporting Pediatric Patients in Coping through a Pandemic

The recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has placed increased stress on healthcare systems world-wide. While most children are largely unaffected with the infection, they suffer the detrimental effects of disruptions to their usual routines and in many cases overseas, seeing loved ones succumb to the illness.

This video learning session will help guide paediatric health professionals through the complexities of working with families through the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future.

You will receive a certificate after completing a short quiz to use in your professional development portfolio.

Suggested price: $25.00

Suggested price: $25.00

The COVID-19 pandemic poses new challenges for clinicians working in healthcare settings with paediatric patients & their families, as well as new opportunities to support positive coping in children & families. Using clinical examples from their work in a Paediatric Emergency Department in New York City, the presenters will share strategies to assess and support the emotional safety & coping needs of patients & families during the pandemic.

In this video learning activity, you will:

  • Describe approaches to assess the psychosocial & emotional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on paediatric patients & their families
  • Identify strategies to assist paediatric patients in coping with the symptoms of COVID-19
  • Utilize developmental theory & trauma-informed care to support and communicate with paediatric patients & their families
  • Explain adaptations to optimize safety when providing care to paediatric patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

This learning activity is being provided as a pay-what-you-want. The speakers have requested that the money raised is donated to the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Fund, which was recently established in honor and memory of their colleague.

This learning activity is one hour in duration. 1 hour of active learning = 1 CPD hour

You will receive a certificate after completing a short quiz to use in your professional development portfolio.


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Suggested price: $25.00

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