RCH Emergency Nurse Practitioner App

Apps can be super helpful in the life of a nurse, both new and experienced. From doing calculations, studying working out risk scores or looking up guidelines; there’s an app for almost anything you can think of.

This app comes from The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne, whose guidelines I use often in my work. Don’t let the fact that it has Nurse Practitioner in the title put you off. I am far from this level but it has some great information to incorporate into your practice.  

The app is 100% free, and I haven’t struck any of those terrible ads like some free apps have. I can only speak for using the app via Apple, but it is very functional and easy to read. From a bit of a play around the search function, it works really well.

Some of the pathways contain diagrams, or charts, both of which are great for visual learners. There are sections based around body systems, and others more centred on specific issues like eczema or constipation. The links at the end of the pages provide further reading and other guides that might be helpful.

Although certain policies might differ from your specific institution, this app gives a quick overview of the issues you might encounter working with children. For those who don’t often assess children so often, the guide has a section with information about paediatric physiological differences and handy hints about how to position children for examination. 


There’s a couple of screenshots up above but I’d highly recommend taking a look. I’ve both been able to use the app to refresh my knowledge, as well as learn lots of new information.

If you’re interested in downloading the app, the links to both Apple and Android apps click the link below:


So, now we’ve told you about our favourite app, what’s an app that you often use in your practice?

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