The Team

Brooke Batchelor, R.N., GDTL

Registered Nurse and Education Specialist

Brooke Batchelor is a Paediatric Registered Nurse, qualified Primary Teacher, children’s advocate and author. She founded ‘The Paediatric Nurse’ website in 2015 before developing it into an online continuing professional development website for Paediatric Nurses in August 2018.


She is passionate about giving nurses a safe space to connect and support one another, to lead and learn from within their community, to encourage each other to follow their passions, to advocate for their patients and above all else, to look after themselves.


She also strives to give children a voice in healthcare and encourages all paediatric healthcare professionals to consider how they approach child & family centered care practices and principles.


Brooke has written for Dr Joe Today’s blog, Kiddipedia, Medium and has been featured in local media empowering parents to advocate for their child by giving them a voice in healthcare.


Brooke his currently a member of the Advisory Board for the Standish Foundation – a charitable organisation that promotes child & family centred care and empowers healthcare professionals through the provision of funding & resources.


Previously, she also sat on the Board of Directors for the Association for the Well-being of Children in Healthcare, Australia and held the Vice President position in 2017.


Brooke’s clinical nursing career has seen her work across Neonatal Intensive Care, General Paediatrics, Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Paediatric Emergency. In other roles, Brooke has taught undergraduate nurses and regularly delivers webinars to Paediatric Nurses with the aim to build upon the knowledge and skills of nurses the world over and in turn, improve paediatric healthcare outcomes.


In her current role, Brooke is a Nurse Educator working with undergraduate nurses and newly qualified nurses transitioning to practice. She mentors clinical facilitators on a daily basis and hopes to make a positive impact on those in the early stages of their nursing career.


In other work, Brooke provides consultations to individuals and organisations looking to launch their offerings into the online education space. She also freelances as a live session host.


When Brooke is not nursing or hosting webinars, she is spending quality time with her husband and two daughters or enjoying a yoga session with some essential oils & meditation thrown in.

Erica Donovan, R.N.

Registered Nurse, social media manager & JOurnalist

Erica is a Registered Nurse working in General Practice/Urgent Care and part-time with student nurses. 


Prior to this she worked in paediatric oncology and was a first responder for community and sporting events.


In 2019, she spoke at the Don’t Forget the Bubbles paediatrics conference about the late effects seen in young adult cancer survivors.


Her love of nursing began after spending time in hospital as a child, being cared for by some amazing paediatric nurses. Then she took a bit of a winding path, studying journalism and running social media pages, before becoming a nurse. That’s when she realised that she could bring both of her passions together.


“I think it’s really important for nurses to be sharing knowledge and information online, so we can boost our skills and provide the best care possible for our patients and families.”


Erica joined The Paediatric Nurse as a casual staff member early in 2019, then later came on board as a Director Brooke on Social Media and helping us get the best content out to paediatric nurses around the globe!


Special paediatric skills: triage, removing foreign bodies from ears and noses (usually lego, beads or seeds!), knowledge on sharks and dinosaurs.